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Proximity Marketing is a marketing technique for mobile content distribution to mobile phones and PDA devices of people walking nearby a specific location, where the Bluetooth hotspot is installed. The key goal of Bluetooth Marketing is to reach customers’ mobile phones directly at zero cost per customer.

It is the next generation of mobile marketing. What is proximity marketing? Picture this: A customer walks by your storefront. An advertisement offering a discount immediately appears on their cellular phone. How does this happen? Bluetooth -- the same technology that powers nearly all handsfree earpieces. Among cellular subscribers, 71% use a mobile phone that already supports Bluetooth!

Bluetooth proximity marketing allows you to reach out to your customers instead of waiting for them to come to you.

1.InfoTek Blu hotspot searches for handsets
InfoTek Blu hotspot scans for Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby.

2.InfoTek Blu asks for permission
For every handset detected, InfoTek Blu asks for permission for sending files. Your customer will see a message similar to: Do you want to connect with [brand-name-here]?

3.InfoTek Blu uploads files
Once the user grants permission, InfoTek Blu will immediately send content files. Thanks to multithreaded software architecture and multiple Bluetooth radios installed, sending files to one customer will not stop detection of new handsets of customers walking by the InfoTek Blu hotspot

Bluetooth range
By default, InfoTek Blu hotspots are equipped with Class 1 Bluetooth modules capable of connecting within the range of 200 meters, range however you should assume the selective range to be:

* 10-20 meters in closed spaces (stores, conference rooms)

* 15-30 meters in semi-open spaces (fairs, exhibitions, shopping malls, churches, schools)

* 20-200 meters on the open air (sport events, concerts)

Why Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Works?

What is possible?
* You can attract customers directly at the point of sale with a direct simple message: like “Today 15% off”, “Free Cofee” and instantly measure results of your campaign.

* You can broadcast content like wallpapers, ringtones, Java games with your advertisements inside.

* You can enhance popularity of your products or services, providing your customers with convenient and functional Java brochures they have never had a chance to use before.

How to prepare content?

* Images need to be resized to fit as many screen resolutions as possible (you can also use our Content Generator)

* Videos should be prepared in di?erent resolutions to support as many mobile phones as possible

* Music and Sounds: we recommend mp3 as the most supported format

* Product Brochures, Event Agendas, Multimedia Guides - we can develop them for you

* Problems? We’ll help!

What to send?
Bluetooth technology does not limit file formats by itself. You can send virtually every kind of file to your customers, taking care they are readable by handheld devices you address them to.

Most popular kinds of content

* Images (jpg, png): 2D/3D Coupons, Wallpapers, Advertisements

* Animations, Screen Savers, Short Videos (3gp): Movie Trailers, Commercials

* Music, Ring Tones, Jingles, Sounds (mp3, amr)

* Java Applications / Games / Presentations (most powerful features)

Supports all kinds of handsets models (including Blackberry, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Moto, HTC, HP, and so on)

What is the maximum size per file?

There are no technical limits regarding the file size, however you should ensure the Bluetooth communication is fast and easy. We advise not to exceed 200kB for pictures & music and 500kB for Java applications & movies. In every case you should minimize the file size if possible, lower file size guarantee better campaigns results.

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